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Rag Rug - old becomes new

Traditional rag rugs are elongated and narrow in shape. They did not cover all the floor, floorboards were in sight between the carpets.  The rhythm of fields and stripes belonged to the  esthetics of the narrow carpets. More colourful weft materials have "released" the composition  from the traditional model of about half metre grayish fields with short coloured stripes between them.

At the same time expanded colour scale of clothings and the increased supply of industrially made wefts has put the colour composition skills of the weavers to the test.  Other hand, each rag rug is genuine and has a look of its maker.  When you clip yourself your threads there won´t be two carpets alike.


Rag rugs are traditionally made in the scanty conditions of the north. They were products for the timber floors of the traditional log houses.


Rag rugs has in accordance with their name always been ecological, "recyclable product". Traditional rag rug "threads"/wefts has been made from the old clothes or from the other old textiles by cutting with scissors or by jerking.


Traditional carpets made by peasant women. They used rather light hand looms and the result was quite "loosely" woven carpets. Because of the scanty availability of raw material the shade of colour was usually greyish.

During decades the technology and structure of hand looms has developed. The weaving process has remained, however, basically the same. With modern looms it is possible to "hit" the wefts more tightly and as a result of that the modern rag rugs are thicker and more durable. We can still increase the firmness of carpets by weaving with thick warp yarn and by using three threads instead of one.  

By using three threads it is possible to get nice and durable edge* to the carpet and at the same time three wefts  also create richer nuances to the solid areas of the rag rug.


*       We always use three wefts and thickest cotton warp yarn.

 Päivitetty: 25 Lokakuu,2006